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The Edward Jones FORCES Program

Edward Jones

Military service has helped you build valuable skills and abilities. You’re mission-oriented, determined to succeed and committed to service – also the traits of a successful Edward Jones Financial Advisor. Continue to serve in a new way by helping individual investors achieve their financial goals.

The Edward Jones FORCES Program provides certain new Financial Advisors – including those transitioning from military service – a comprehensive training and onboarding program to help ensure a successful start in a career helping individual investors reach their financial goals. No prior financial services experience is necessary: The program is designed specifically for people who do not have a financial services background but possess the skills and competencies we look for at Edward Jones.

The FORCES Program is just one example of how Edward Jones supports veterans to help them succeed in the Financial Advisor role. Currently, there are more than 1,300 men and women with military backgrounds who now proudly serve as Edward Jones Financial Advisors.

Joining Forces

FORCES Program Eligibility

The following individuals are eligible for consideration for the FORCES program:

• Transitioning military personnel joining Edward Jones within five years of separating from military service.

• Military personnel who remain active in the Guard or Reserve.

• Non-military population – Individuals holding advanced degrees (such as a legal degree, a medical degree or an MBA) and have less than three years of professional work experience.

Full details are here.

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  1. Thanks for posting information regarding Edward Jones’ FORCES program. In the past year, we have hired over 350 transitioning military people, and we are looking to hire many more. I would be delighted to answer any questions via phone or face-to-face. My office phone number in Tualatin is 503-691-2989. Warm regards,

    Michele Kaiser

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