Resource List

Thanks to Kelli Brewer for providing this helpful resource list for Veteran families in need:

  1. for Veterans

  2. Career Resources for our Veterans

  3. The HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing

  4. Moving? Here’s How to Use a Relocation Calculator

  5. Step-by-Step Guide to the VA Loan Process

  6. VA Home Loan Calculator

  7. Moving Companies That Offer Military Discounts

  8. What Documents Are Needed to Sell Your House?

  9. Find Family Services and Resources Near You

  10. Military Buddy Finder (

  11. Veteran Healthcare Resources

  12. The Differences between Medicare, Medicaid & VA Military Benefits

  13. Mental Health Resources for our Veterans Families

  14. Ways to Keep a Relationship Strong During Deployment and Separation

  15. Crucial Components to Highly Effective Deployment Communication

  16. International Phone Plan Options During Overseas Deployment

  17. Military Care Package Ideas: What To Put In A Care Package

  18. Post-Deployment Adjustments Military Couples Face

  19. Creating a Peaceful At-Home Atmosphere Upon Returning Home

Brad Miller provided another list:

For treatment of Mesothelioma.

Anna, from the Girl Scouts: