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Post 3452 has a New Phone Number

Our Post has a new phone number as of today, 503 610 3452. Notice how we were able to use the numbers from Post 3452 in this new phone number.

The old Post phone number used a product called MagicJack which required both a computer and an Internet connection. Now we are using a free service called Google Voice that allows us to automatically ring another phone. There is no hardware, no setup fee, and no cost to use Google Voice.

Google Voice

When you phone our new post number 503 610 3452 it will ring the Commander, Greg Stadler on his cell phone. In June we will update the Google Voice settings so that this same phone number will ring the new Commander, the phone number will remain unchanged.

With this new technology we also can accept text messages at this number as well.

If you have any questions about Google Voice, then please contact Daniel Payne at 503 806 1662.

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