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Paws Assisting Veterans

Two dogs Kimberly Harney

Kimberly Harney, an Oregon Dog Rescue volunteer who has raised 15 puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind, will soon be raising a service dog for a veteran. PAVE, or Paws Assisting Veterans, was started in 2011, and will be giving Kim an eight-week-old Golden Retriever named Chief for training. PAVE has placed five dogs so far; Chief will be the seventh dog to go through the program. Kim will have him for 12 -16 months, during which she will teach him house manners, to be calm in public, and basic obedience, among other things.


While Kim is an experienced dog trainer, puppy raisers must find funding for their expenses (medical care, neutering, microchipping and food). For only $2.50 per day (approximately $75 per month), a person or group may sponsor Chief for the time that Kim will have him. Donors may also help with specific expenses such as neutering or chipping. PAVE is a non-profit organization, so donations are tax-deductible. Kim would be happy to provide email updates or meetings for any sponsors. For more information, please contact Kim at

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  1. I am a disabled vet with a service dog and I am being barred entry into public places. My dog has an Assoc and Bach degrees in obedience, he has been with me when I volunteered at Catholic Community services when I was a volunteer driver. Also he has been with me when I worked for the Arc of southwest Washington and when I became a volunteer. He has been on walks with the disabled and done well. I have 2 VA doc letters, ltr from Catholic Comminity services and the Arc about my dog. I feel he is a service dog but I want to have someone test him and I’ll take classes or attend training with him. Can you help me?

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