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New Rug Installation – January 2014

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VFW Post 3452 received word in November 2013 that funds from a grant by MASCO would be provided to the post.  Post members voted to use it to replace the rug that was considered a hazard.  A special meeting was held in December to vote on a vendor.  Members selected Pacific Crest Carpet Service to do the work.  Installation was anticipated to be completed before January, however hall fixits were required first.  Post members of the House Committee did the repairs to the hall walls.

On January 14 work began to move furniture and complete repairs.  The rug was installed on January 15 and 16.  House Committee members spent the day on the 17th to take hall and office items to a storage facility.  They also arranged the hall in preparation of the District 16 meeting to take place on January 18, 2014.

Many thanks need to go to House Committee Chairman, Jeff Uhlman for organizing the work.  Thanks goes to Comrades Larry Howard, Ted Gilbo, Joe Gamiao, and Richard Wiehrdt for work in the hall and kitchen.  Commander Tony helped a little and concentrated on work in the office.

A job well done!

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