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Men’s Auxiliary – Institution Ceremony, Induction of Officers

On Thursday, December 16, 2010 our new Men’s Auxiliary had both an Institution Ceremony and Induction of Officers. Past Post Commander Ron Holland conducted both the Institution and Induction:

Don Comstock, Dave Carney, Ron Holland

President Don Comstock, Dave Carney, Ron Holland – Past Post Commander

Men's Auxiliary Institution Ceremony

Institution Ceremony

Induction of officers, Men's Auxiliary

Induction of Officers
Ron Holland – Past Post Commander, Don Comstock – President, John Goodhouse – 2nd Vice President, Ben Tripp – Treasurer, Daniel Payne – Secretary, Randy Fosse – Trustee, Terri Pennington – Trustee, Kevin Ferrasci O’Malley – Chaplain

Prayer from Chaplain

Prayer from Chaplain

Don Comstock – President, Ron Holland – Past Post Commander

Kathy Walsh, Don Comstock

Kathy Walsh – Women’s Auxiliary President, Don Comstock – Men’s Auxiliary President

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