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Memorial Day 2021

Buddy Poppy

We will not be having the annual Memorial Day Observance at Winona Cemetery, or the annual picnic at the Tualatin Community Park in 2021, as a precaution during the pandemic this year. The West Coast Ravens will be flying in formation over Tualatin on May 31st, about 11:40AM, as a way to honor the memory of our fallen veterans.

West Coast Ravens
West Coast Ravens

If you see volunteers offering Poppies during Memorial Day weekend, be sure to get yours and wear it to show support, donations are gladly accepted.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2021”

  1. How sad when they have removed most mask and social distancing requirements especially for those who have been vaccinated. And outside there are virtually no requirements. This should be a time we honor those who have died serving their country so we can be free to assemble and honor them.

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