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Five Major Legislative Wins!

Carlos Fuentes

From: Carlos Fuentes, VFW National Legislative Service Director

Carlos Fuentes

I know you care deeply about veterans’ issues, so I had to share the news of landmark legislative victories from the past few months. The VFW’s efforts have been instrumental in the creation and passage of historic bills which have been recently signed into law by President Trump — but we couldn’t have done it without you!

Successes include:

  • The Forever GI Bill, which will ensure veterans pursing degrees in science, technology, engineering and math have enough GI Bill benefits to complete their degrees – a provision that was researched and advocated by two VFW-Student Veterans of America (SVA) Legislative Fellows. This bill will protect student veterans who attend schools that close abruptly; expands eligibility to service members, veterans and surviving family members who were unjustly denied access to GI Bill benefits; and removes the 15-year “use-or-lose” restriction.
  • The Global War on Terrorism Memorial Act, which clears the way for federal approval to allot acreage for construction of the GWOT Memorial on the National Mall. VFW advocates were the driving force behind the legislation!
  • VA Appeals Reform, which will speed the process for veterans who wish to appeal their disability rating decision. This is a great leap toward restoring veterans’ faith in their VA.
  • Accountability and Whistleblower Protection, which will ensure VA is able to hold accountable employees who endanger the lives and wellbeing of our nation’s veterans and protect VA employees brave enough to identify ways VA is failing veterans.
  • Choice Extension and VA Workforce Improvements, which will ensure veterans can continue to receive care from private sector providers when VA care is not readily available and makes urgently needed improvement to the VA health care system.

While we celebrate these victories, we know more battles lie ahead. Please, continue to stay vigilant in the fight for veterans’ rights. We will keep you informed in the days and weeks ahead.

Thank you so much for all you do.

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