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Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States has received an award from Cortina M. Barnes, National President,  and Jan Tittle, National Secretary,  congratulating us for this outstanding achievement.  The Ladies Auxiliary was orginally established on February 8th, 1941. Because of our unselfish service, individuals in our community have received assistance and the specials needs of our veterans and their dependents have been met.  Our organization and our country are better because of your continued dedication.  Congratulations to all of our members  in the Ladies Auxiliary it is because of your dedication nad continual membership that we have received this award.

Our members involved with the sewing group continue to sew for the veteran taking items that they have made to the Portland Veteran Hospital.   The sewing group consists of only four of our members and they are Delores Abernathy;  Ann Derbyshire; Phyllis Houston and Ev Turner.  Phyllis Houston is the Portland Veteran Hospital Representive for the Department of Oregon.  Phyllis as well as several other members volunteer at the hospital each Wednesday all year long.  Because of their dedication our Auxiliary has received many awards.  Phyllis recently received an award from the VAVS  Executive Committee of the Department of Veterans Affairs for outstanding volunteer and courtous service to our veterams at Portland VA Hospital. for the first quarter 2011.  She has dedicated her services for the veterans for the past 14 yearsat the VA Hospital.  She has been been a member of the Auxiliary for the past 49 years joining in June of 1962.

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