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  1. This is wrong in so many ways, not just because the funeral was for a Marine that gave his life for his country. Lets face it if this was done at anyones funeral military or not the impact would be the same, on the family and firends of the deceased person. It would add insult to injury, and cause undue pain and suffering to the family and friends in attendance, this is not a freedom of speech issue, nor is it a Military issue, this is a morals issue, and freedom of speech should not protect you from being able to harrass, insult and inflict mental anguish on an already grieving family. The fact that these idiots think that they are right in doing this to spread thier word of God only shows that they dont know God at all, because I dont think he would aprove of speading his word in this manner at all.

  2. I retired from Miller Insurance in Tualtion in 2003, so my website is now:
    http://www.david.dehart.com. I am still active in the insurance industry offering my consulting services in the area of insurance litigation and continuing education. Writing and photography consume what’s left of my retirement “free time.” All the best to my comrades and the newly formed Mens Auxiliary.

  3. Schedule for September should show that meeting is on September 13.

    Parade starts at 10 AM on Aug 14. If members want to take part, they need to be there at 9 AM

    should have a button so I can check out 70 people who like Post FB. Might find a “friend”.

  4. Thanks Tony, I’ve made updates to the Calendar for September 13th and the Parade.

    To find the Facebook friends you click on the link VFW Post 3452 next to the Flag photo.

  5. These were great pictures. It was a good day for the festivities and BBQ for the home comming of the 41st Infantry Brigade. Welcome Home Guys!

  6. Some years ago, I think around 15 years ago, I went to the vietnam memorial in Portland. I didn’t have any connection to the war at all. No family members of mine were ever involved in the war. I was really moved by all those names. I was wondering what that must have been like for those soldiers. So many years have passed since the Vietnam war and I wondered were these brave souls being remembered.?? So I went up to the wall and scaned it. I just picked a name. Not really knowing anything about the person. My intention was to randomly pick someone who I would honor every memorial day. Just privately light a candel or a thought or prayer for peace for this particular soul. I picked Brian L. Bushnell. I did not know anything about him or his history. I just wanted to remember the honor of him. Every year on memorial day I would think.. You are not forgotton. I honor you on this day. I have done that for years. Today I woke up and on this cloudy memorial day 2011 I had my thought of going to the Vietnam wall in Portland. I know it sounds a bit strange knowing I have no connection to Brian or anything to do with the Vietnam war but I always feel compelled to do so. But today the thought of hey with all this technology why dont I look up Brian L Bushnell. To my surprise I found your website. Knowing what happend to him wasn’t the thing that blew my mind. It was the photos. It was like I was meeting a friend that I haven’t seen for many many years. To Brian L. Bushnell you represent those who lost their lives in honor. I will continue to remember. Now I see you Brian and won’t forget your service. You are not forgotten. I believe it was meant for me to run into this site. I don’t know Brian but for the last 15 years or so I have remembered in my quiet way. I just hope that someday when I am gone that we will meet and shake hands. For now R.I.P. Brian.

  7. Scott, Thank you for sharing that story of how you honor Brian Bushnell on Memorial Day. Today at the Winona Cemetery in Tualatin there was a Memorial tribute going on at the same time that you typed your story, and once again Brian Bushnell’s name was read aloud. You’re invited to attend this annual tribute held at 11AM every Memorial Day.

    • Brian. I was in Can Tho with the 525th MI Group. I lived in a small villa not far from the COORDs compound, where I usually had dinner and happy hour. Also had the chance to swim at the housing compound called “Palm Springs.”

  8. Dear Sir, I am the Service Officer at VFW Post 7293 in Egypt Pa. I understand you receintly dedicated a new Bldg for your Post. We are six short weeks away from opening our new bldg. Assuming you followed some sort of protocol for your dedication, I would like to know exactly how you handled it. e.g. introduction, prayer, presentation of colors etc. Any help you can give will be appreciated.
    Joe Krevanchi
    Service Officer Post 7293
    Whitehall Pa 18052

  9. WHERE are the Buddy Poppies being offered? I am an educator, and I was teaching my Kindergartners in conjunction with Memorial Day about Buddy Poppies. I remember seeing them being offered when I was a child, but that was many, many years ago and I did not know what they were for. I asked my 91-year-old dad if he remembered ever seeing them anywhere, and he didn’t know what they were (and he is a WW2 vet!). I would like to get enough of them to give my kids. It might not be in time for Memorial Day, but they can wear them in six months for Veteran’s Day. Where can I find them? I live in SW Portland. Thanks very much.

  10. Francine, many cities have VFW Posts, and on Memorial Day weekend and Veteran’s Day weekend we are out in the community at stores like: Haggen, Fred Meyer, Safeway, Albertson, etc. How many Buddy Poppies would you like? We’ll send some to your school. Thanks for asking.

  11. I actually would like to have one to wear tomorrow and also on Tuesday when I see the children again. So I am interested in where I could pick up a couple tomorrow. I live near two Fred Meyer stores and a Safeway; I have never seen them offered there. I go to Riverview Cemetery and Portland Memorial every year on Memorial Day, and I have never seen them there, either. Do you know a specific location where I can pick up a couple to have on Tuesday? The children made a Buddy Poppy window hanger craft last Thursday that I designed, so they do have something to display this weekend.

  12. WOW — while raising a family and working full time this woman still had time to serve as an officer in many clubs and organizaitons – all of a philanthropic nature. From spearheading Rose Blossom Parade floats, to donating over 18 gallons of blood to Red Cross to becoming a Part-Time Clown for children’s parties — always in constant motion. The world is a better place because you shared your time, mom —- with love, honor, respect and a whole heart of missing you, Pamela

  13. Time somehow does make missing you any easier but we have peace in knowing you know how very much you were love, honored and respected. So proud to have been your Daughter and share in your many life achievements. Your love, your spirit, your spontaneous sense of humor we will always cherish. In our hearts forever,
    Donna and Andy
    Jeff, Laura and Tia
    Steve and Adam
    Sandra Lynne

  14. Thanks for posting information regarding Edward Jones’ FORCES program. In the past year, we have hired over 350 transitioning military people, and we are looking to hire many more. I would be delighted to answer any questions via phone or face-to-face. My office phone number in Tualatin is 503-691-2989. Warm regards,

    Michele Kaiser

  15. Michele,
    We are delighted to hear about this program and will bring it up tomorrow morning at the weekly brunch. Thank you for making us aware of this program.

  16. I like it a lot. It puts a nice perspective into that ERA of our lives that you can only appreciate if you were there. It reminds me of stories I heard of how World War II and Korean Veterans were thought of by World War I Veterans. I definitely remember the wearing civilian attire on liberty. And Marine were required to where uniforms while traveling on orders or leave. However, when I was stationed in Washington D.C., Headquarters Marine Corps, uniform was required for most enlisted regardless of branch of service, but officers where exempt in most cases. Reasoning was they didn’t want to overwhelm the community with uniforms and that was in 1979-1981 again a Vietnam era stigma! Again a very well written! Oohra

  17. I am a disabled vet with a service dog and I am being barred entry into public places. My dog has an Assoc and Bach degrees in obedience, he has been with me when I volunteered at Catholic Community services when I was a volunteer driver. Also he has been with me when I worked for the Arc of southwest Washington and when I became a volunteer. He has been on walks with the disabled and done well. I have 2 VA doc letters, ltr from Catholic Comminity services and the Arc about my dog. I feel he is a service dog but I want to have someone test him and I’ll take classes or attend training with him. Can you help me?

  18. My grandfather also served in the 302 Water Tank Train in WWI. I love that after reading Howard Ramsey’s obit and recollection of the war, it has helped me understand what is in my grandfather’s WWI photo album.

  19. Hi there, we are trying to locate veterans to offer up a birding adventure on Tualatin National Wildlife Refuge on November 10. We will have equipment and training, and can help usher folks into a new and interesting outdoor hobby. Any idea who I could talk to?

  20. VietNam vet Richard Asher, living in Town N Country motel #14, Newberg, fell yesterday and now cannot use his legs. I found him crawling on the sidewalk today (11/29). Says he is under VA care. Also has a Yamhill County social worker. What can be done for him?

  21. What is the minority ratio in the home? You presently have 85 children and 40+ adults.
    Of those number what percentage … what are non white?